A Cell-phone Charging Station is a MUST-HAVE. Here’s why.

Chris Glover

With multiple devices, it can be hard to not only keep everything charged, but to also have space at an outlet for all of your different devices! A cell-phone charging station solves this problem. You can keep track of all your devices and accessories, and you can charge them in the same space.

  1. It keeps all of your devices in one place. At this point, everyone has a cell phone, a pair of chargeable earphones, a smartwatch, and a tablet, and these items can get misplaced easily if you have plug-in chargers all over your house. Investing in a charging station, such as the 5-in-1 Universal Wireless Charging Dock, will allow you to set up a home base for all of your devices and keep everything protected and organized at the same time. Having a dedicated charging space will allow you to say goodbye to the days of running through your house looking for your headphones, your cell phone, or your watch.
  2. Wireless charging can preserve the plugs on your phone. One of the spaces that wears out the fastest on your devices will be your cord-charging plug-in. Constantly inserting and removing the charging cable adds a little bit of wear and tear to your phone each time. A way to combat this is by having a station that offers wireless charging. Not only will you save your phone from constant wear and tear, but also, oftentimes, the wireless dock charges faster than the cord anyway.
  3. Everyone can access it. Devices add up quickly when you have a multi-person household, and they all need to be charged regularly. Rather than spend time trading cords back and forth, a wireless charging station will allow the whole family to access it whenever they need to add juice to their phone, smartwatch, or wireless headphones. Plenty of these charging stations also cater to both iPhone and Samsung, making it perfect for a household divided.
  4. It’s a great option for guests, too. Lastly, it’s an excellent option for your guests. Especially if you like to entertain, having a universal charging station can help your guests feel more comfortable being at your house. Situating the cell phone charging station in a high-traffic location will allow your family and your guests to reap the benefits of even a short charging session.


If you’re still living your life without a cell phone charging station in your house, then you are missing out. A cell phone charging station is a boon for families with multiple devices or families that have different brands, such as Apple and Samsung. There are also many options for universal charging stands. Whether you’re looking for a stand that can cater to all of your devices and accessories or you’re looking for a more portable, lightweight charging pad that can go with you to the office, there’s something available for everyone.