5 Reasons Why You Need A Car Phone Mount

Chris Glover

Selecting necessary cell-phone accessories can be a monumental task. After spending over $500 on a new cell phone, it's overwhelming to think of what other accessories you might need. The obvious things like cell phone cases and cell phone rings are purchases that don't require any thought. However, there is another must-have item to purchase when you buy your cell phone. That item is a phone mount for your car.

  1. It will prevent distracted driving. Installing a car mount in your car ensures that your cell phone will never get lost on the floor, nor will you have to dig in your pocket or purse for your device. A car mount will create a safe environment for you to view messages, answer calls, or shift through songs or podcasts without looking away from the road.
  2. You will be able to hear conversations better. Without a car mount, where do you put your phone while talking on it? Holding your phone takes one hand off the wheel, and placing your phone in your lap can make conversations difficult. With a car mount installed, you will be able to hear and have conversations better because your phone will be in an optimal position for communication.
  3. You can easily entertain passengers. It's no secret that passengers get bored on long car trips. While you should not be watching TV if you're the driver, being able to entertain your passengers with Netflix or YouTube can make the ride a lot easier for them. Installing a car mount, such as the Universal Smiley Face Anti-Skid Car Phone Holder, to an air vent allows them to see the phone easily while still ensuring that you have access to it if necessary.
  4. It makes the use of GPS super easy. How often are you talking on your cell phone while trying to hear GPS directions or having to wait for your cell phone to recalibrate your location each time you shift its position? The stress of navigating unfamiliar places can go away with a cell phone mount because you will be able to easily follow your GPS directions while never taking your hands off the wheel and your eyes far from the road. Not only that, but it will be easier to take turn-by-turn directions because you will be able to see your progress while you drive.
  5. It can charge your phone, too. Lastly, if you're anything like me, your cell phone is probably always under 30%. The good news is, many cell phone mounts, like this Smart Sensor Wireless Car Charger, come with built-in wireless charging capabilities, and they allow you to charge your phone as you're driving, so by the time you arrive at your destination, you will have more juice in your cell phone than you left with.


Cell phone mounts are an often-overlooked cell phone accessory, but they can make time spent in your vehicle exponentially easier. Americans spend an average of over 24 hours driving every single month, so there's nothing wrong with investing in a quality cell phone mount to enjoy your commute time a little more.