4 Tips for Buying the BEST Cell Phone Charging Cable

Chris Glover

The charger you receive when you purchase your phone only lasts for so long. If you're lucky, it'll last for six months after the purchase of your phone, but if you're unlucky, it may need replacing within two months. These chargers aren't designed to last forever, and if it's time for you to purchase a new charger, consider these tips before you make your next purchase.

  1. Purchase a braided one. If you're looking for the most cost-effective and durable cell phone charger, then invest in a nylon braided cord, such as this Nylon Braided Retractable Charging Cable in Multi-Color. The nylon cord is a lot thicker than the flimsy cable that came with your phone and can withstand a lot more wear and tear as well.
  2. Consider a retractable charger for your travel bag. If you're a person who is always on the go or a person who hates tangled cords, then consider purchasing a retractable charging cable. Retractable charging cables make charging on the go almost as easy as charging inside your home, and with a fast-charging USB cable, like the Type-C Retractable Fast USB Charging Cable, it’ll be faster, too!
  3. For a multi-device household, get a universal charger. If it's time to purchase a new cell phone charger, then consider splurging on a universal charger. A universal charger will allow you to charge a multitude of different electronics seamlessly. You can lessen the number of different chargers you have by replacing them with a universal cord, such as this 3-in-1 Nylon Braided Magnetic Charging Cable.
  4. Invest in more than one. Who says you can only have one cell phone charger? If you have different needs, then there's no reason not to invest in multiple different charging cables. For your house, you can invest in a braided nylon cord, and for traveling, you can spend the extra $5 on a retractable, universal cord, so you only have to pack one cable for all of your devices.

A phone charger is a necessary accessory for your cell phone. You basically can't live without one, but when it comes to purchasing the right one after your initial one wears out, you want to give the purchase some thought. Almost any charging cable is better than the standard one you receive when you bought your phone, but some are better than others. Consider a braided nylon one for everyday use, and if you are someone who spent a lot of time traveling, then a universal, retractable one may be your best bet. There is the perfect cell phone charger out there for everyone, so don't be afraid to find the one (or two!) that is right for you.